Xin Chào!

"Welcome to Saigon Swing Cats website! We're a community of Swing Dance lovers in Saigon. We keep this jazz vintage dance art alive and kicking and you should be dancing with us!"

Thanks Martin Lasthein for the original artwork!Cám ơn Tháng Chín for catomizing the artwork!

It is surreal that we can finally put dancing together back to our weekly activities in Saigon, Vietnam starting this coming May 13, 2020!

Thank you Vietnam for this amazing combat so far!


Even though Vietnam has slowly but surely resumed normal life activities after observing amazing progress in the COVID-19 pandemic combat which has made it possible to gather again, we would like to stay on the cautious side by the followings that everyone of us in the community would play active role:

1️⃣ Stay home if you have just got to the city from higher-risked area via public transportation.

2️⃣ Stay home if you don't feel well.

3️⃣ Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering and as frequently as you can during the whole time of your stay

4️⃣ Leave your identity info at entrance for the venue's record

5️⃣ Politely respect private space and pay attention to the safety and well-being of others sharing the same space.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and please know that we care!

(Refer to https://ncov.moh.gov.vn/ for latest info!)

(more analysis of the 15th most populated country's timeline in its pandemic combat on The Diplomat)

Frankie Manning & Ann Johnson swing out and doing aerial stunts for Hellzapoppin', a movie in 1941

7 things you should know about Hellzapoppin'

WHEN & WHERE can I go dancing with you?

We usually dance on Wednesdays from 8.30 - 11.30pm @ Sofitel Saigon hotel (17 Le Duan, D.1) and Sundays from 7 - 9pm @ La Habana Saigon (2F, 152 Le Lai, D. 1) . See more info on Venues.

Please check for more instant updates on activities on our Facebook group and page just to be sure in case of last minute changes.

WANNA DANCE? Bạn muốn nhảy không? :-)

YES, how do I learn to dance with you?

Free Taster Class of 30 minutes is offered every Wednesday from 8.30 - 9pm at our Wednesday Social Dance.

We organize dance classes for Basics and Intermediate levels on a regular basis. Check here for more information.

We offer special Workshops introducing short classes with specific focus on materials or certain styles. Check here for Workshop news.

Private class requests might be arranged upon filling out this form: bit.ly/SSCprivate

The New Basics

starts 3 Nov 2020 from 19.30 - 21.00

at Artiste school for 8 Tuesdays

Sign up NOW!

Wednesday Taster Class

every Wednesday 20.00 - 20.30

at Boudoir lounge, Sofitel Saigon

Click for more info


When: 20.00 - 21.00 weekly

Where: Boudoir lounge at Sofitel Saigon Hotel (17 Le Duan, D.1)

Entrance: VND 100,000 / pax for 1 drink coupon (at the bar inside Boudoir lounge)

Come on time for your Taster Class and stay for social dance fun (until 23.30) with all the cats every Wednesday!

Who are Saigon Swing Cats?

We are the cool Cats of Saigon who love Swing dancing, a group of social dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920's - 1940's. In Saigon, we dance the Lindy Hop most of the time, a dance style originated in Harlem, New York City within the African American community in the early 1930’s , the Charleston, Blues and some Balboa. We belong to the wider global community of swing dancers, lindy hoppers, authentic jazz dancers around the world who share the common values of the Lindy Hop left as a legacy from the original Lindy Hoppers.

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