Swing dancing shoes are first shoes that your feet feel the most comfortable walking in, with a possibility to slide slightly. We would recommend flat or wide heeled shoes with leather soles for most of our dance venues with wooden floor. Avoid spiky heels, sandals, slippers, or any shoes with gripping rubber soles.

Some specific Swing Dance shoes brands we have worn and loved:

If you are not ready to buy specific Swing dance vintage styled shoes, any comfy sneakers with flat non-gripping soles are good enough, like MỘT (Vietnamese minimalist designed sneaker brand since 2018 that are available in canvas and leather with slide-able rubber soles, unisex). Or you can suede / chrome your favorite sneakers to give them the leather smooth soles for wooden floors as you wish. Here's a tutorial on how to chrome your shoes by The Lindy Project.

Or bring your comfy pair of shoes to any cobbler for professional help!

Some interesting reads for all your shoes-crazed dancers to answer one of the most FAQs of them all: