Lindy Hop values

In accordance with Frankie Manning’s own values, and those of the Savoy Ballroom where the dance got its start, the Frankie Manning Foundation who carries on the work and the spirit of Frankie Manning in spreading the joy of Lindy hop throughout the world, seeks to promote projects which are grounded in unity and collaboration, and which enable people of all different backgrounds to participate in this joyous dance. Below are the core values of Lindy Hop in graphic and text:

  • Having fun dancing the Lindy hop
  • Historic authenticity in Lindy hop dancing and music
  • Improvisation and continued innovation
  • Close relationship between the music and the dance
  • Maintaining a true community among dancers
  • Mutual respect and cooperation
  • Inclusivity (diverse backgrounds: geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, age, ability, LGBTQ, gender roles, etc.)
  • Outreach and welcome to newcomers
  • Excellence, which can be encouraged through friendly competition

An initiative by Frankie Manning Foundation to popularize core values of the Lindy Hop across many countries in May 2019 #frankiemonth, we present you the Lindy Hop Values in tiếng Việt:

⚫ Niềm vui nhảy

⚫ Chân thực với lịch sử

⚫ Cộng đồng đúng nghĩa

⚫ Hợp tác và Tôn trọng

⚫ Ngẫu hứng và sáng tạo không ngừng

⚫ Dành cho tất cả

⚫ Rộng mở chào đón

⚫ Gắn kết với âm nhạc

⚫ Hướng tới sự xuất sắc