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Understanding Swing Music

What is Swing music? by Jazz Academy from Jazz at Lincoln Center

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Swing Planit
Swing Dancers all around the world are all about sharing our passion: the love for Swing Dancing. We suggest you visit SwingPlanIt The most comprehensive guide to swing dance festivals on the planit  before your next travel. 

Below are some links to a few communities we are aware but normally it should suffice to put in these search keywords: "Swing Dance" + [Name of City] .

Asia Lindy Alliance - https://asialindyalliance.wordpress.com/ 
North America
Canada - Montreal - http://www.swinginmontreal.com 
Canada - Waterloo - http://www.waterlooswing.com/ 
USA - New York - http://swing46.com/
France - Paris: http://swingout.free.fr/
France - Grenoble: http://grenobleswing.com
France - Lyon: http://www.gonaswing.fr/
France - Rennes: http://hopnswing.com/
Italy: https://www.swingdancesociety.it/
Germany - Berlin: http://www.swinginberlin.de/
Spain - Barcelona and Madrid: http://www.swingmaniacs.com/en
Sweden - Stockholm: http://www.chicago75.se/?s=97
Switzerland - Zürich: http://www.swing.ch
UK - London: https://www.swingoutlondon.co.uk/