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LEARN TO SWING OUT class with Thuy

WHEN: Tuesday night 7.00 - 8.30pm (starting Mar 22nd, ends Apr 26th)
WHERE: La Habana @ 6 Cao Ba Quat, D. 1
HOW MUCH: 590k per individual or 900k per couple (VND)

Saigon Swing Cats would love to spend the next 6 Tuesday nights showing you how to Swing Out and sharing our passion for this specific vintage America-born dynamic happy partnered dance style. This class is for anyone interested in dancing socially especially to Swing jazz big band music (Louis ArmstrongElla FitzgeraldBenny GoodmanCount Basie Orchestra,Duke EllingtonGlenn Miller, etc.). 
As usual, class runs for 6 weeks on Tuesday night from 7 - 8.30 at one of our all time favorite bars: La Habana - Saigon.

If you have already taken Swing 1 class previously, this class can help you understand all the important elements of a good Swing Out deeper, as this is the cornerstone for your Swing dancing years as a Leader / Follower or both.


No need to have a dance partner to join but they will make it cheaper for any pair who want to learn as a Dance Couple (1lead + 1follow): 590k per individual and 900k per couple. Payment after the first class if you like it enough to stay for the whole of 6 weeks.

Oh, 1 more thing about shoes:

See you in class!


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